Dear dad,

Quit acting all sorry like you had no choice but to not be there, u always say “I wanted to come to this but,” or “I wanted to pick you up but,” I’m not 7 years old anymore,I’m not gonna sit on the curve and wait for you to show up for a day outta 3-5 years. 16 fucking birthdays, I aint even get a fucking call. All those years I was young and just believed every excuse you gave, “I couldn’t make it cause- looking back on the bullshit excuses I believed I realized one thing, YOU LIVED LITERALLY AROUND THE CORNER. It’s fine, because I’m older, seen some shit, heard some things, definitely doing better than the 150 Times a day I tried to call you from JDC for 2 months fucking straight and apparently wasn’t good enough for ONE ANSWER,

I WROTE YOU TOO, EVERYDAY,NOT ONE FUCKING LETTER BACK, why you ain’t write me??? I’m not good enough??? Well I am your daughter🤷🏼‍♀️ I made it through Daddy Kris overdosing on in the in front of me without you, I made it through my pedofile older cousin without you, moms drug addiction, the domestic violence when I had to live with Uncle Henry, having to take care of my baby sister for days by myself WHEN I WAS 9 while mom was gone for weeks at a time shooting up, I made I Through all that and many fucking more without you,

But thank you for teaching me a lesson I’ll never forget,