Sore breast’s, negative test

I’ll try and make this short..

My cycle is so wacky. I was on birth control for 15 years, went off 10/2016, and I’ve finally started getting a period on my own without any Provera. I, unfortunately, had a miscarriage November 2017, absolutely devastating. But we are doing our best to move forward. We are actively trying again. My cycle from December-January was 34 days. I did OPKs and got my smiley face on Feb 8th. I also took clomid.

My boobs have been sore, which they were my first time being pregnant and also when I get my period. I took a test this morning out of curiosity and being extremely anxious and it came back negative. 😢. My cervical mucus is super thick and creamy. If my cycle was again, a 34 day cycle i would be due for AF next Monday 2/26.

Is it possible to have sore boobs during implantation? Could I have maybe tested too early? (I did use a first response today) or am i creating this scenario in my head because i want it so bad. I’m just looking for any similar stories or some advice. Thank you ladies!