Manipulative SIL

This seems to be a large and supportive community, so I’m sharing my story with my SIL here.

I have the feeling husbands brothers wife is very manipulative. She’s about 4 years older than me, married to my bil with two lovely children.

She has made me feel unwelcome from the day I met her 8 Years ago, ignoring me in conversation as if I’m not even there, tried to spread strange rumours about me in the family, generally leaving nasty comments. I don’t understand this type of person. The rest of the in laws are very lovely beings and I have a great relationships with everybody else. I’d like to see my niece and nephew more often and also support my husbands relationship with his brother. Though this SIL makes it incredibly uncomfortable for not just me but everybody and the family is tip toeing around her. It seems as if they all have a tensed relationship with her.

Recently she has gone over the line again with her actions. She handed my husbands number out to her single friend, who has then tried to contact him. Wtf!? I found out that this friend of hers has had a crush on him for many years.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. He is a gentle soul, would never step over the line. And I trust him fully!

My SIL actions though really bother me!

When I talked to her in the past she just denies this doesn’t seem like a progressive strategy.

Have you experienced such behaviour from a sister in laws?

What strategies worked for you and have improved the situation?