Is there a test for bipolar?

I know that I have depression. I was clinically depressed as a teen and it seems as I got older I don't really struggle with it. I mean honestly I don't know if I do, I cant tell. I don't feel "sad" I just feel super disconnected from myself and everything and everyone else for days on end. Its a sense of "nothing matters" basically. I have highs and lows.

I know that my psychologist gave me like these questionnaires and thats how he diagnose my depression.

My dad is bipolar. So are two of my sisters and my brother.

But he told me (psychologist) that I don't have bipolar disorder.

I read this thing online and it said that sometimes people are misdiagnosed and don't get a diagnosis for 10 years or something like that.

I read more about bipolar disorder and i think i show signs but very mildly. I am nothing like my siblings, I see their struggles pretty much and I don't relate to that. I mean, my sister gets manic and she stays up for days obsessing over things and that doesn't happen to me. But I realized that I guess there's certain levels of it I guess you can say? It would explain so much. I am seriously hoping I don't have it. But seeing as it's obviously in the family, i just might.

I am trying to get health insurance right now. But when I do, how do I even go about finding out if I have bipolar disorder? Who do I even go to? What do I say?