Long AF but needed to vent. ... I Talked to my Fiance today 😊 I didn't talk to him at all last week because he got himself in trouble smh. but anywho we have had a rocky relationship in the beginning due to him cheating on me and lying about it. we have been together for 2 years almost 2 and a half and currently 32 weeks with our first child together. he is also in jail at the moment we was working on our relationship before he got arrested and he proposed to me and I said yes. he means so much to me I have never been so in love we met through a mutual friend and we just connected. everything was perfect I've never been the type to stick around if I get cheated on I leave no hesitation. but with him it was different I didn't want to leave and when I did leave we would still always talk and it was on and off until I found out I was pregnant then I told him I wasn't with the games anymore. I wasn't going to teach my daughter that it's okay for a man to cheat on you and to stick around just because you love him. and from then on he new how serious I was and cried to me that he didn't want to lose his family and so I decided to stay thats when he gave me everything his social media accounts phone password put that we was engaged on Facebook and for them couple of months everything was good it was like it was in the beginning then he got arrested. now he did use to do a lot of pills and drinking heavy (alcoholic) and it turned him into a different person that's when the cheated began. but with him being in there being sober clear minded I feel like I'm getting back the man that I fell in love with when we first met . he says he feels so good now better then he has in a while. hes eating more working out cause he was very skinny. and talks about how he can't wait to be a father and for me to be his wife .that when he gets out hes going to get mine and our daughter's name on him lol but most importantly hes going to show me the reason I fell in love with him. how he used to run away from my love an.d did stupid things and despite all he has done and hurt me I was always there. even when we wasn't together I would be the one he would call to vent to or cry to about how stressed out he is and he didn't know what to do how he didn't deserve me. and says he knows I don't believe him because he has always lied in the past but he will prove it that actions speak louder than words. that hes in love with me and he will never do anything to ruin what he has. he says it's not jail talk baby i honestly mean it I am clear minded and I realize what I have and what I could have lost. and the guys I met in here tell me how lucky I am to have someone like you. my family loves you and I know that your truly in love with me because you stuck around when I hurt you and made you cry. you gave me pure love when I didn't deserve it. I never had someone love me as deeply as you do and cared for me and where I go in life. it honestly made me cry😫 even through the rough patches I love this man more than anything I just hope that he sticks to what he has been telling me. I would be heart broken if it isn't true but I know that I gave him plenty of times to fix himself. I know he will probably be in there for a while maybe a couple months after our daughter is born or a few years. either way I'm going to focus on myself and my daughter so even if it wasn't true I did what I needed to do and will continue to without him like I have been doing . if it is true and he truly means what he says then I will be beyond happy to go forward with him in life and eventually get married.