So to avoid annoying half of the glow/<a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">eve</a> population I'm going to put this here. I posted earlier in health and lifestyle but deleted it. It's probably scary to some but it has comedic relief so there's that.

It's not as scary now that I'm not dreaming. Sometimes I have some pretty wild dreams. You're about to find out why I think that. I just watched a bunch of scary movies too that helped create this dream, Annabelle for instance.

In the dream i live in a two story house with my entire family. (Already sounds like hell)

Well the laundry room is outside. I find this doll that I really like, dolls are not my thing but this doll was antique and just really cool. I take it to my room.

It starts talking to me through my dreams. Telling me how it was going to kill me.

I kept having dreams (within a dream) that I was drowning in a pool holding the doll. He also gave me dreams showing me how he would force me to kill my family members.

Dark I know. So I tried to tell my family who of course thought I was stupid.

Until the demon started presenting itself outside of the doll. I went outside to do my laundry and I opened the washing machine which turned into a PORTAL TO HELL and the demon appeared as tall as the ceiling with a glass mask on to match the dolls face. The demon, bitch slapped me. Not kidding.

It started physically hurting us. I tried putting the doll away, i wanted so bad to get rid of it and pretend it never happened. But it had it's grip on me and was tormenting me. So my mom came up with the idea to make a prayer circle.

The demon was apparently listening to that idea and told me that he'd already won. He would not let us pray, he'd make us fight so much we couldn't pray. That his intentions were not only to kill us, but to mangle our minds and destroy our love for one another.

I tell him we will pray anyways, I actually asked him why we couldn't pray if he's already won? Demon dude gets furious and starts throwing a temper tantrum which was terrifying in dream. Doors were being ripped off, light bulbs were busted out, windows were busted. The ceiling was crumbling over us.

So we go outside and make a prayer circle.

*I should also mention that I am not religious, so this dream is not even.. I don't know.

My mom tells me to go back inside the house to get the doll. This was horrible to me and I was screaming like an idiot šŸ˜‚

Meanwhile while I'm walking through the house of hell, I stop screaming and hear "I can't pray like this in these dirty socks"

And another person says "well you can't really wash socks when your washing machine is a PORTAL TO HELL!"

šŸ˜‚ *woke up and remembered that and snorted because it sounds like my family

They stomp off in anger and i go after them. As I'm going after them while they're leaving, i see something form on top of the neighbors house. It came up in the shape of a person and then crawled like a spider down the house and onto the driveway and stood up on two feet and started to walk towards me.. so I'm like "nah. Y'all can leave"

Then the doll gets put in the middle of the circle of me, my mom and my sister.

Something starts crawling towards us in the tall grass around us. I caught sight of it and it was the weirdest shit that I've never even seen in a movie. It looked like a horse/pig/dog goat thing and I picked up a rock and beat it over the head and it ran off. Then we prayed and I woke up šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø

Weird ass dreams for days. And no drugs were involved in the making of this dream. Do have the flu and am on tamiflu though šŸ¤” so I guess I'm wrong about no drugs