PSP FTM 37w Maternity photos


These are just a small few from our Mermaid Maternity photos today..

37 Weeks today!!! plus size pregnant FTM here! I once sat and scrolled these forums wondering if I would ever get a baby bump.. if I would ever feel beautiful, look pregnant and have a "maternity" glow. I'm here, like thousands of other PSP mamas, to say YES it's a great thing to be pregnant! Your bump WILL come!! I started getting mine around 26-28ish weeks, and soon after I felt / saw the baby MOVE under my skin (not to be confused with feeling baby kick and move beforehand, "lightening" - feels way different!) It's been a great pregnancy!!

due March 11.. Baby girl...

Evie Kate

CeCe (Cecelia) Lynn

Kacie Lynn

?? What will her name be!? We don't know yet 😬