mother and baby Satan

I'm a hairdresser and today I had a child in my chair being held by his methed out mother. I am 26weeks pregnant and he kicked me hard in the stomach to which the mother's response was just "opps" I never in my life have wanted to beat anyone but today screaming flailing baby Satan and meth-mom were one step away from being backhanded. I feel bad for the kid though since his mother (who you could smell the drugs on) obviously didn't care what was making him so upset. what make matters even worse this was part of the childs supervised visit....I mean seriously wtf. trust I know it's not the kids fault but the little shit was 3 and acting like this. I almost threw up on both of them from being kicked. but I finished the service, tried to stay as nice as possible, give the kid a lollipop and the mother tips me .25. cents. I hope that kid shits on her later.