Ovulation confusion??

Maegan • Momma to two beautiful babies❤️

So my husband and I want to try for baby number two but we are going to Disney in April so I’m off BC but we aren’t fully tryin until after we get home.. According to the app I was supposed to start my fertile window tuesday but every day I’ve been taking ovulation tests and nothing?? No surges.. I started a new pack of BC and was only on it a week before we decided that I get off of them.. that was three weeks ago tomorrow.. I had my cycle four days after I stopped the pill and it lasted four days.. is it possible that since I was on the pill for a week that I didn’t ovulate this month? Should I just quit testing until after my next cycle?? I’m trying to track everything to get ready for when we do start trying .. sorry so long

PS the day before my fertile window started I had pain in my side which I thought was ovulation but Tuesday morning my test was negative