I tested positive at 2 weeks!

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? Could this be a sign of twins?

Okay, so a little back story- my periods are always irregular. Sometimes I get it every month, sometimes it skips months, I’ve even gone 2-3 months before without having a period. For me that’s “normal”. What IS always consistent with my periods is the pain. Same thing always happens- my leg goes numb the day before and by the time the next morning rolls around, if I haven’t already started taking ibuprofen my cramps are so bad that I puke! I also have a history of ovarian cysts AND I was told by my OB/GYN that I have “suspected” endometriosis.

With that being said, in both December and January my periods came right on the 4th, and were painless. Which for me, is not normal. They were also short. Towards the end of January, I started getting bad cramps. (Now these cramps were painful, but tolerable without ibuprofen. Which again, is not normal for me.) 3-4 days passed, and the cramps were still there but there was no period coming!

I had a gut feeling that it may be a pregnancy, so I ran to the store and bought a test and sure enough... it was positive! The next morning I purchased more expensive “better” tests and those all showed the same results. I called my doctor and on the 2nd of Feb I got blood work done that confirmed I was pregnant! (Yay!)

My doctor said he believed I was about 2 weeks along, based on the amount of hCG in my blood.

He also stated that the cramps are more than likely due to my uterus stretching.

What I’m concerned about is how early I tested positive! Is that normal? Technically I’m 6 weeks along now, if I refer back to my period date.

Also, a side note: TWINS runs in my boyfriend’s family! Could an early detection of pregnancy mean twins? My cramps have since gone away, only coming back occasionally here and there. I’ve always always said I want twin girls, but when it comes to actually having that... I’m not too sure I can handle it! Lol!

My hCG level was at 189 at 2 weeks, if that helps?

Thanks for taking the time to read! 🤗