Valentine’s Day baby ❤️❤️ (kinda long)

Adri • Baby Mateo Valentine’s Day 2018💙 Baby Tony arriving June 2019 💙. already a mother to a 3yr old furbaby 🐶

When I had my first appointment after realizing I was pregnant, they told me my due date was Valentine’s Day. As the months went on and the days got closer baby just didn’t seem to want to come on out. At 39 weeks I was only 1cm dilated with no effacement, my baby hadn’t even dropped so we scheduled one more appointment to talk about induction dates. The night before Valentine’s Day me and the hubby went out for dinner to celebrate the big day in case he had to go to work the next day. In the car ride home I told him no way baby is coming out tomorrow so you better call your bosses and tell them you’ll be coming in .

At 12:30 am on Valentine’s Day I woke up to my water breaking with no contractions. We woke up my parents and by 1:30 I was admitted into the hospital because baby was on his way! As soon as they hooked me up to the monitor the nurse told us to prepare for the possibility of an emergency c section because baby’s movement was too calm. His heart was at a constant rate with no activity so they started me up with Pitocin to see if The contractions would jump start baby’s heart and movement. I had my first contraction at 3:40 am with still only 1 cm of dilation and 0 effacement. The pain was excruciating. Because of my babies heart rate I was not aloud to drink any water or ice chips and no pain medication whatsoever. By 9:40am my body started to push on its own with every contraction and I was scared shitless. I don’t remember much of the Labour process or the pushing but with each contraction and each push I felt myself slowly drifting off. I couldn’t do this. The pain was too much everything was too much. My dad held my hand through the whole thing and all I remember

is him telling me to keep going. At 10:30 am my beautiful baby boy was born. My valentine had arrived just when he was supposed to. After the delivery they told me that the baby had wrapped himself around the cord three times and was starting to go into distress but made it out on time before any real damage could be done. I’m so in love and I feel so blessed to have my bundle with me. All the pain all the worrying was worth it as soon as I heard his first cry 💙