Sooo I have had such a HIGH SEX DRIVE lately but I CAN’T have sex with my bf rn. Well, I could, but we have to be very very careful bc we are both 16 so it’s not like we can just have sex all the time; we have to make sure no ones home and whatever which is sooo annoying (livin the edge lol).

Anywho, so I have been super horny for like the past week and we talked about it and he was gonna do something so sweet for me. He was gonna take me fishing and we were gonna bring a picnic and and then ya know, fuck in the back of his truck 😂😏.

So I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. No, it’s not romantic or anything, but that’s just how we are. I was gonna catch some good fish, eat some good food, and have some sex. What more could a girl ask for lol.

And then, he went and got himself grounded. And when he gets ungrounded, is right when I’m supposed to start my period...😭😭😭 I am SO ready to NOT be a teenager😩

Sorry, just had to vent lol.