5 or 6 DPO

Lexi • 💍Austin James 👼🏻 Bennett James 08/07/2017 👶🏻🌈🦄💕 Jordyn Leigh due 11/08/18

Okay y’all. Glow says I ovulated the 13th. I don’t use OPKs so I’m not 100% sure if I did or not. I know cervical mucus and position aren’t good indicators but I’m hoping someone can give me some insight!

Today my cervix feels very high and soft, however the opening is tighter than up closer to my cervix is I am also having very milky white watery discharge and lots of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m peeing. Having some insomnia and seem to be producing more saliva. I miscarried in August so I don’t want to get too excited just curious!