Am i overreacting?

Today me and my fiance went shopping for a new dress for an event this next weekend. Well we stopped in a few other stores and in almost everyone of them he does something along the lines of points to a mannequin and says he wishes i had a bigger waist or butt to fill out pants better. He usually only ever compliments me he’s seriously the sweetest and ive always known he kinda wished i was bigger because so do i. Im 5’7 and 110 lbs because i have a super fast metabolism and i used to hate how tall and thin and have a history of depression anxiety and almost no self esteem but i eat healthy and im fit so ive learned to deal with it but i kinda wish i filled things out more. But it made me really insecure and i gave up trying any more clothes on and just went home. I dont know why he was doing it but it really doesnt make me feel good Ive hardly talked to him since we got home im kinda sad at the fact that hes not happy with me and made me fee like im not good enough but that also makes me so mad. Like i said he usually doesnt do that but idk if im just overreacting or is it right to feel this upset.