so I live with my mum, step day and brother. Well my dad and my parent and my nan ect. Live in a different state I have only been here 4. Years and lived with my dad for 16

Well I was just told my dad may only have 3 years to live just from being over weight stressed and he has depression and stuff. None of witch I knew of until now I am in my 3rd and final year of my apprenticeship but I really feel as if I should be with my dad he needs me and I’m not there 😔 I know I need to and I know I want to but mum mother wouldn’t understand and will end up hating me and not talking to me!! And yes I know this is true coz I have tried to move out already and back with my dad! I know I can still maintain my life goals and be there for Dad everyday! I know I shouldn’t have to but my dad is my everything!!

I’m stuck between not talking to my mother for weeks,months even years or losing my dad 😭 but my mother will see it as giving up my life for my partner who she doesn’t really like as it is 😭 but I wouldn’t be giving up my life I’ll be doing what I want to do!!! What’s wrong with that? His my dad 😔