11 days late!

Tiaonia • 21 • College Student • Hoping To Be A First Time Mommy Soon 💕

My AF was due on the 9th and I’m now 11 days late! Last week on Monday I took two first response tests and they both came out negative. I went to the doctor and it was negative, took one on Saturday and it was negative, and last but not least took another one yesterday it that was negative too! I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on January 27th and February 3rd. One of these days I had to be fertile/ovulating for my cycle not to come on. He also came inside me on both of these days as well! My nurse says if my monthly doesn’t come on in two weeks. To test again on the 28th! Exactly how long should I wait to test? I’m ready to see a BFP! 😊