My husband is amazing!


He stayed up all day and all night working. I woke up a million times (mostly to pee because baby boy is bouncing on the bladder) and every time I’d go out of the room to check on hubby, he’d rush over and tell me to go back to bed. “I’ll be in soon, promise!”

Yeh right!

I finally sent him a text at 7:30 this morning, “Can I come into the out now?”


Look what this man stayed up all night doing:

He says he isn’t finished with the island or the countertops and my dad is coming to put in a backsplash next month when baby gets here but, just look at it!

Hubby is currently sleeping peacefully so I’m sneaking out to the grocery store to grab food and make him a killer breakfast! ☺️

I’m so blessed by him!