i am alive • Bear trap

Irl I'm afraid to speak my mind bc in afraid of being made fun of, mainly because I'm under a permanent identity.

But online, I feel free and able to do what I want. And people won't make fun of me the moment they see me because I'm less awkward and have better responses.

But I feel like some people have found me out, even if I didn't show my name or face.

I've been singled out of nowhere before, and they say something mean to me & something that only people that bully me would know and make fun of me about.

And I hear ppl talk irl about ppl and they talk about some things that I've only done online ( this is hard to explain)

But I feel really really tense now because my one place I can be myself is now just falling apart.

I'm more scared of real bullies and cyber bullies honestly.