Best way to support him???

Been with my husband 8 years, we have two beautiful children and life is essentially good.

However we’ve just had some devastating news that his uncle, who was on a skiing holiday in France (only went about 3days ago) came out of a bar and was hit by a van. The details weren’t massive but we’ve learned that it was bad enough that he was put in life support, and just now have been told he’s basically brain dead and they’re turning off his life support in the next day or two.

Now my hubby absolutely loved spending time with him when we had the chance. His uncle always seemed to love life and be laughing.

My question is how to support him???

Because unfortunately it was about this time, 2 years ago nearly, that we got told my hubby’s cousin had committed suicide - the reasons are unknown to us about the motive but it was a difficult one to come to terms with as she was very young, very clever, had opportunities galore and this happened out of the blue for pretty much everyone who knew her.

But my reason for telling you this is that this is clearly going to be a difficult time of year for him and his side of the family!

I already have my own issues surrounding death (existential crisis attacks - which hubby is aware of) but am still there for him as and when he needs me, but I feel so helpless because I don’t have a big family like he does, so sometimes it’s hard to envisage exactly how he feels, and I feel sympathy and empathy for him, I just don’t want to say/do the wrong thing. Any suggestions???