I think my crush likes me back but im not sure pls comment


so my crush I'm just going to say k. so my crush k every one keeps on telling me that he likes me bc of how he acts when we're together.... he bothers me all the time and thinks it's funny when I get mad at him. we kind of have those moments when we stare at each other for a couple seconds..... once my best friend a was by me and k and I were together fooling around when a was there and she was like " stop acting like boyfriend and girlfriend." and I was like "yooooo!" and she walked away then I looked back at k and he was just staring at me with that face like " wow she just said that." and another time he was getting me mad so I decided to get my stuff out of my locker and stand right behind him with my mad face on he took two steps before he seen me he had a smile on his face before he turned around then he stopped dead in his tracks and stood there staring at me we stood there staring at each other for like a minute until I decided to say " I hate you!" and he smiled and said "thank you." then walked away and he knew that he could have just walked around me instead he stood there staring at me