Is it petty to sue someone in small claims court

For something that happened when I was 18 (I’m 24 now)

Also do you guys think I’d win? Or is it a waste of time? How much does it cost?

Backstory is that we were roommates and she decided to leave and move back with her Mom, I couldn’t handle the bills alone so I packed up and left. We ended up technically getting evicted for leaving. Last year I paid the eviction off in full it was almost 1000 and it cleared both of our names. I had to pay it off bc I wasn’t able to rent with it on my record unpaid. They told me they wouldn’t accept just my half. So I aid and inboxed her. She lied and said she’d start making monthly payments until I’m paid back. She never started the payments. Now that she has her income taxes I was going to mention it again. If she ignore me I was just going to fill out the papers for small claims court