Life, Letrozole, HCG trigger and me.


Let's just start by saying I am not ignorant on the concept of assisted reproduction. I've been a lesbian for a while now and let's face it that is the definition of assisted. So story is out I am the butch/fem-butch of the relationship. My partner has tried a few times with tracking, Clomid, HCG trigger, <a href="">IUI</a> donor sperm and real life donor sperm. It's been a battle that we haven't won yet but here is the news. I'm trying this month! List of things I fear, looking like a man with a beer belly, not fitting into my button downs and having to wear female issue pregnancy jeans. Seems like a male fun lesbian prison at times but it's only a few months right....right...I can be a butch after this. I have PCOS sad thing is that most people have it and dont even know it until trying to get pregnant. So I was very afraid to take Letrozole...cancer treatment...body builder just discovered as a possible fertility boost for people with PCOS. You take it for five days and I literally assumed it would taste like rotten fruit. All medicine does, like cough syrup...would you rather eat a rotten cherry or a rotten grape. To my surprise it didn't have much of a taste other than being slightly sweet (I took 1ml to 1 oz water). This is my first time so I was like wow this is easy and everyone always talks about how hard it can be. I was wrong...(TBC)