Mirena vs. Weightloss?


Those that have or have had Mirena in the past, have you struggled with weightloss?

I eat healthy, vegetarian transitioning to plant based and I started training 6 days a week with nutrition plans specific to my diet. I rotate cardio, resistance, and weight training throughout the week. I’m not huge on being stuck on the number the scale tells me because I’m well aware that as muscle replaces fat you may have results but weigh similar or even the same. But I’m on week six and don’t feel or see a difference at all so I hopped on the scale and low and behold it’s exactly the same. At the very least I should be losing a half pound a week but my regimen is supposed to translate to 2lbs a week. It’s never taken me this long to notice some small improvement like the way my jeans fit or something.

In the last year to year and a half I gradually gained about 30 lbs and had Mirena inserted 2 years ago. Since I didn’t have any change in weight at first I didn’t think the weight gain was a result of the bc especially since my OB told me with such a low hormone dose weight gain was highly unlikely. But as I’m trying to lose the weight with absolutely no progress I’m thinking something has to be up with my endocrine system. I’ve never had such a hard time with weightloss.

I used to have the Paraguard but switched to Mirena to lighten the 2 week long periods it gave me but if I can’t lose the weight with all this work I’m doing this is not worth it to me.

Have you guys had any similar experiences? :/ or other non hormonal bc recommendations? Thanks girls.