intimacy issues

I need advice please! My husband and I got married mid 2017, we've been couple for 8 years and we discussed starting a family. I took my iud out in mid January this year. Side note: we've not had the best sex life for a few years now. We've talked about it and it's always something to do with work or money or him feeling like he will crush me if he has put on weight, always something that is possibly stressing him out. I am always supportive and listen to him and try to make him feel loved and special. But we have not had sex in almost 3 months. the new excuse is he is scared of having children. I understand being scared, I've never been pregnant and part of it scares the hell out of me. His brother does have a birth defect and we've talked about it. I guess the part that kills me is he has no problem showering with me, touching me, etc. But he will not go all the way, just starts to pull away. And it's come down to fighting and for the first time I finally slept on the couch I was so mad/ upset. Does anyone have any advice or been thru a similar situation?? is counseling needed at the point or am I just being whiney??