Praying for a November 2018 baby 👶

LC • 36 years old. Pregnant with baby #4. EDD 8/18/19

Hi ladies! I’m 35 and going on my 4th cycle of TTC baby #4. My first 2 cycles I was symptom spotting like crazy. I was pretty much just obsessing over getting that BFP at the earliest DPO possible during my entire TWW, which had only left me saddened, and feeling like a dumb ass for spending so much money on Pregnancy test because AF showed up. My 3rd cycle TTC I was a recovering POAS addict, and did great, I only test twice! I still got the same outcome BFN.. I hate that I’m so obsessed with TTC. Ugh. Why can’t I be a go with the flow type of person😩.

I’m currently on CD 3 and can’t wait for aF to leave because I’ll be that much closer to my big O day. My last cycle I used OPKs for the first time and I plan on doing the same this cycle as well. I’m going to try preseed and mucienx for the first time! I’m excited and praying that March 2018 will be my month, who’s with me?!