How long will this last?


I know it's normal for couples to have times where they aren't always happy and in a good but this is eating me up. I can't take it, it's been almost a week or possibly a week already. Our sex life has gone down, he can't stay hard or sometimes get hard in the first place. It's just hard because he's always had such a huge sex drive. Sometimes I feel like it's me but he says he still finds me just as attractive as before. We have been irritable with each other and have been in on and off moods. I love him very very much and I don't want to lose him. He says the same thing. My therapist says she's married and has these moments with her husband. I felt better after talking to her but I'm not really sure how to get this thing me and my bf are going through to go away as soon as possible. I miss him even though I still see him regularly. Does any one have some advice? I'd really love it