New To OPKs. Advice Please!


So, I know that the test line on OPKs has to be as dark or darker than the control line to be positive. But if you get one that’s as dark as the CL one day and then one that’s darker than the CL the next day, when did you ovulate? Or one that gets almost as dark as the CL but never does? Would it still be negative even though it wasn’t as dark but got really close? Also, Glow says I’m supposed to ovulate on Saturday, but the test line on all my OPKs are still very light. If Glow is correct, when are the tests supposed to start getting darker? Experts on this are welcome to comment. Thanks!

P.S. I posted this in the Ovulation group but no one thought it necessary to give advice. Just upvotes. I could really use some advice on this. Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Got my BFP about two weeks ago! Baby #3 expected end of November and I have my first appointment on the 17th! Thank you so much to all you beautiful women for all the baby dust and encouragement! Lots and lots of baby dust and prayers for those of you still on your journey! Don’t give up!! ✨👶🏻✨