Second opinion?


Hi lady’s I’m wondering if I should get a second opinion from another dr. I’ve had 7 MC and one live birth. I was on progesterone with my son and had GD and birth was extremely awful and traumatic. I had to be cut because my son was so big he got stuck and they ended up pushing him out and that broke his humorous, I’m also anemic and had very low blood pressure and was passing out and losing my eye sight when I was pregnant with my son so of course all of that made me high risk. Well again I am pregnant 9+weeks and am on progesterone again but this new dr said I’m not high risk and I feel like I should be seeing as I’ve had so many miscarriages and the fact that I have low progesterone and am on medication for it. Or is it normal for me to not be high risk and should I stop stressing so much?