Should I call doctor????

Shayla • Christopher J. Ferguson 8/19/15❤️ Gabriella E. Ferguson 3/26/18

I’m a 2nd time mommy butneverything is happening so much quicker with this pregnancy and some things concern me. I call the doctors office atleast once a week so I know they are tired of hearing from me so I thought I’d come here....for the past few hrs I’ve been having period like cramps l, the cramps you get RIGHT before your period start and I’ve been having yellow greenish like discharge. No mucus on the panty liner just the tinted wet discharge. Last week at my appointment I was 1cm and my mucus plug was completely gone(What my doctor said) I’ve been having irregular contractions some of them are 2mins apart some 10 some 20. Should I call doctor again? Or wait it out and see if they subside? I smelled the liner btw and it was EXTREMELY sweet smelling almost like a perfume I’m not even kidding. I’m 35w4d right now and next appointment isn’t until Wednesday