I’m petrified of labour!


I’m honestly so scared! My labour & birth with my son was so good, I was so lucky active labour 2hrs30mins 8mins to push him out no drugs at all, I was truly blessed!!

Now everyone keeps saying ‘you’ll do amazing’ or ‘you’ve done it before’ THAT WAS A FLUKE GUYS! I cried so much with the pregnancy of my son cause I was so scared of labour!

I really want to go drug free if I can, I have absolutely nothing wrong with the drugs I just would rather have as much control over my body as I possibly can in that moment (I ain’t ruling it out completely) 😂 please tell me I’m not nuts and it’s totally normal to feel this way even if it is my second?

It’s not so much the birth, it’s the labour! Like I say i was so lucky with my first I daren’t think about my second 😅

One overly anxious mother right here!