Is this normal? Please read

I went to the OB on Feb. 19th because I was having pregnancy symptoms and terrible cramping and I have an IUD so they wanted to check. I had a pelvic exam done and a blood test. Blood test was negative and the pelvic exam was normal but they scheduled an ultrasound to check the placement of my IUD. I go on Monday the 5th to get that done. Since I left though, on the 19th, I’ve been bleeding. At first it was super heavy, now its just pink spotting. It’s almost been 2 weeks of bleeding. I’m super fatigued and irritable. I feel horrible. Mind you my period wasn’t supposed to even start until today. I think my IUD has either fallen out or migrated somewhere else. I don’t know what the strings feel like and have never been able to find them. I feel like what I’m experiencing is 100% not normal but then again I could be wrong. What do you think?

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