a date


so recently i went on a date, right after work, i was still in my scrubs my hair was tied back i thought i looked horrible so i ran to my sisters and did some makeup there and whatever tried to look the best i could. so my date was at applebee’s and i thought it went well, he was super cute all around and then he wanted me to go back to his place just for a bit. so i did but i kept dozing on/off during the movie since i was so tired from work. but he was cuddling me hardcore and kissing me on the forehead whatever. eventually i had to go home since i had work the next day and when i was texting him when i got home he seemed kinda distant, i just thought he was tired. so the next day i tried reaching out and he ignored me. couple days after tried again and he ignore me. i texted him today after my surgery and he ignored me. well i took a nap today and woke up from a snapchat from him, it was him and another girl and it looked like they were on a date. my heart sank, i literally texted him and said “if you don’t want anything to do with me let me know right now” and he just deleted me. i honestly feel like i wasn’t attractive enough for him and he just made me feel worse about it. i don’t know what to do but i’m really upset and just needed to vent.