Weigh Gain!!!!

Okay so I binge ate for like 3 days and I GAINED 3 POUNDS!!!!! Being at 100-102 scared the shit out of me since I used to be anorexic. Now after becoming 105-107 I feel confident that I won't die one day from malnutrition! I'm 17 almost 18 btw and had anorexia between the ages of 10-14 and I went from 156 to 102 and my body wasn't stick thin but I terrified my mother when my collar bones and ribs started to show. My body is even a bit messed up but after gaining the weight my breasts have grown fuller and so has my ass. My stomach is still flat tho so FUCK YES!!!!!! I'm mostly just jiggly muscle but I hope to work out in a healthy way starting with yoga and then working into doing weekly runs which can hopefully becoming morning runs!!!! I've also started taking better care of my body since I'm working on a self love thing. I'm learning how to properly be a woman and being a woman means bringing out your natural beauty to match yojr beautiful personality. You should look in the mirror and love yourself for yourself. Looking healthy is what'll make me happy. I the reason I became anorexic was because of years of bullying and constant sexual abuse (now over) and the unluckiness I have to be constantly assaulted throughout my short life starting at age 10. I deserve to be hapoy and I deserve to feel beautiful. I am me and I'm proud of that. I want to stay with this mindset and continue on my dream of acting and music so I can be a role model for girls who went through a hard time. I've gone through so much I'm not even saying but my struggle made me who I am today. I may be in therapy but my scars are beautiful. The voices in my mind will one day forever silece. Music and acting are who I am.