Hypotension or astigmatism?


During my pregnancy last year I experienced really bad tunnel vision leading up to my vision going black then becoming normal again all within 30 mins of time. It was scary. My OB said it was normal to experience vision changes during pregnancy and it was my hormones. Well since then my eyes have gotten increasingly worse over time. I can’t read license plates or street signs until I am right up on them. My vision goes blurry as I try to focus on things a certain distance away. I can see up close just fine. Well today I wake up and feel fine. All of a sudden I have tunnel vision again then in my right eye I have this huge blurry spot. Imagine how it feels when someone has their brights on at night, you have this one spot you can’t see. That’s how it felt. Then I got a migraine after. Now I checked my BP because I read it could by hypotension. This all happened in 20 minutes. I don’t feel faint when I stand up but I thought I’d check anyways because I normally run 110/70 around that range. Well it was 104/64. Pretty normal in my book. Idk why it would cause this. I am wondering if my vision problems are from hormones, or my BP, or my eyes are just crapping out on me. I made an appt with an Ophthalmologist to check my eyes. But I wonder if you ladies have experienced this ever in your life?