Should I go for a third baby at age 39/40?

I had my first son at age 35. I’ll be delivering my second son in April at age 37.

Part of me would love to try for a little girl, but .......

Is it bad planning to deliberately have a third child at age 39/40?

A few details-

- We have a stable, healthy marriage

- We own a lovely home with a big yard

- We share a part-time nanny with my sister

- In all honesty, I WOULD be disappointed if our third child were another boy. If I could control the gender, this would be an easier question for me to answer!

- I work part-time, but would love to start my own business once the kids are older. I do miss my pre-baby independence.

- We always daydream about wanting to travel the world, which requires both money and freedom, but.....

- I would always regret not having a daughter.

- When I’m old and gray, I would rather have a big family with lots of kids and grandkids.

- Money is reasonable but not spectacular (yet! We have big plans lol - as so many people do)

- I am fortunate to be pretty fertile. I’ve had 3 pregnancies in my 30s (one early miscarriage). I conceived my second son at age 36 on the first try!

BUT, of course, delaying past your 30s is not helpful for fertility in general.

Whaddya think??

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