Need advice


Need some advice. I'm 33, in a same sex relationship, trying to get pregnant via <a href="">IUI</a> with donor sperm. No medications.

I've tried 3 IUIs and all failed. I talked to my OB and she says that it can just take a while. But my luteal phase has been inconsistent from 9-13 days (which I hear isn't good). I brought this up and she said we could test my progesterone.

So we did that at Day 21 of my cycle this month and it came back as 5.6, which she said is low, but that the cutoff is 4, so still okay. She said maybe I didn't ovulate. But I did get a positive OPK on the 14th day of my cycle. She says that she trusts the I don't understand.

She wants me to just keep trying, but I want to do something! She said we will test my progesterone again this cycle and if it's still low we will try Clomid. But isn't there a progesterone supplement we could try?

I'm getting frustrated and may need a 2nd opinion. I feel like I'm annoying her with all my questions. This process is just so expensive I feel like we should do everything to increase the chances.

Has anyone been on progesterone and did it help with getting pregnant?

Thanks for reading