Tested positive for this deadly flu at 38weeks 😩

Diana • Wife. Mama to Elijah Born March 21 2018 💙 Toronto living

Yesterday I went into L&D; because I knew something about this cold I had was just not right, the fever the chills it all felt way to intense and it had only started like 2 days ago. At L&D; they saw I was having real contractions every 10 minutes and honestly i didn't really notice and they were taken aback by that lol i think I was just too sick to even care. They did the flu test (a swab through your nose and down your throat literally the worst) told me they would call with the results but most likely a sinus infection 🤷🏻‍♀️ well this morning I go into by Obgyn's office for my 38 weeks and as soon as I walk in and hand over my health card (Canada) I get rushed into the first room given a mask and was told I was definitely positive for this deadly flu and was given Tamiflu and told to stay home for the next 5 days unless obviously I got into labour. So sigh here I am at 38 weeks with a damn flu 😩🤦🏻‍♀️