Could be pregnant


So I turned 16 in January me and my boyfriend have been going out for 7 months, we have sex with a condom , nothing has ever gone wrong! And normally when he cums there is quite a lot at the end of the condom , well this time was different we tried it by lying on our side and when he had finished we carried on a bit and cause we was lying on our side we think the condom had slipped off and then when we both moved I moved in a awkward way which made the condom come completely off. I worried for a day and then thought that I couldn’t be, but I’ve missed my period by 8 days and they are normally frequent and have been for 2 years now , I took a pregnant test about 6 days afterwards and they both came out negative I’ve been to my local doctors and she said it could be early to tell! I’m not exactly worried about it! Could I be pregnant ? Need advise as I’m only 16 and probably wouldn’t be able to afford a baby! Xxx