Sneak Peak Kit ordered!

Felicia • Addalynn Marie 09•11•18 💗 Married 08•20•2017💕

super excited to receive my sneak peak kit in the mail! it’ll determine if we’re having a girl or boy. & with this being our first child we’re super stoked! I’ll be 11 weeks this coming Sunday 🤗

You HAVE to be at least 9 weeks to do this test btw.

If anyone is interested in this here is the link

I paid $80 for the kit which it will take up to 7 days for me to get the results back once I mail the kit in.

Also, if the test comes back inconclusive or wrong on the gender then you get the $80 back (which I thought was awesome). But they say it’s 99% accurate so hopefully I don’t have to get my money back.