So confused with this relationship


My boyfriend and I are in our mid thirties and have been together for 7 months. I have two kids. He doesn’t have any, and doesn’t want any. Tonight we had a conversation because he feels like our relationship is going backwards. He said he wants it to feel like it did in the beginning. Right now we are in a rut and have the same boring routine. Right off the bat, we started staying together every night on the week I don’t have my kids. So we do 2-3 evenings together when I have my kids (he comes over and then goes home after a few hours), and then for a week, we stay together every night. He told me that he thinks we rushed into that. That he likes to be alone and doesn’t know how to change that (he was single for about a year before we met). We decided instead of being together every night, we’d do every other or 3-4 nights a week. Then he can have his time alone, and hopefully that’ll make the time we do have even better. He then said he doesn’t know exactly what he wants. He just knows he wants it to be like it was. He said he wants to revisit the conversation in about a month to see how things are going. Do you think it’s a bad sign that he wants to spend less time together?? To me, THAT is going backwards. But I don’t want him to feel trapped either.