I don’t understand😡

I had a miscarrriage back in October. We have been trying to get pregnant again and every month I get more and more disappointed. My period is regular every month always 28 days. Well Tuesday was day 28 and nothing. Monday morning when I woke up I wasn’t bleeding but when I wiped there was a small hint of red on the tp and it was only there once and I thought was implantation bleeding. I also had it last time I was pregnant. Well today is Friday and still no period. Tomorrow will be day 32. I took two tests today and a couple others this week. All are BFN. Does anyone think that Monday could’ve been implantation and it just takes awhile to show up in a test? I’ve been using topcare brand from giant eagle and haven’t been testing first thing in the morning. I just went out and bought first response test and plan on testing when I wake up tomorrow. I just don’t understand what else it could be because weve been trying so hard and to me I thought Monday was definitely implantation. I just want my BFP😢 please give me advice and any similar experiences.