Do I Have A Mental Health Problem?

I’m 15 years old.. I’ve been feeling rlly sad for what feels like a long time. When I’m happy I’m usually faking it & a lot of the time I just wanna be alone & cry. I cut again today. For once I didn’t even have a reason to. Normally I cut when my parents get mad at me, friend issues or bad marks etc. Today was okay, nothing bad happened & I just decided to cut. For no reason. I can’t handle this anymore:( I don’t want to self harm but I feel like I deserve it. Everything sucks. My marks r terrible & im letting down my parents. No one knows I’m like this. Everyone thinks I’m fine. I hide everything I feel because no one will understand. I don’t want to be called crazy or judged & definitely don’t want ppl to think I’m looking for attention. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t talk to anyone:/ can anyone relate or give me some advice. Anything.

Tysm. The comments u guys left brought tears to my eyes, I’m sure one day I’ll tell someone I just don’t know when or how yet.