Dad had a stroke


Ok Glow I come to you with everything do why not this?! Last year my parents finally separated. I'm 33 years old and I wish they had done it years ago! My younger sister got a condo with her boyfriend and let our mom move in with them. Our Dad moved into an apartment by himself. I live with my man, and my older sister has 2 kids and lives in a 2 bedroom apt. I've never been super close to my Dad. I mean I love him bc he's my Dad but, he drank alot and had some anger issues. In January he had a stroke. He lost alot of control on his right side (his dominant side). He's gained a good bit back but still is struggling to walk. He had other health issues that kept him in tbe hospital for over a month, then he moved to an assisted living with skilled nursing/rehab for about 3 weeks. Now his insurance is going to stop paying for where he is next week and I don't know what to do with him. I don't see how he's ready to live alone. In theory he could live with me but we are TTC and I don't see how I could help him shower, etc. Should I offer to help pay for an assisted living? Are those places even decent? Am I being awful and selfish for not just having him move in here?