I tried everything with my inlaws..

From the moment I met them, I dreamed of having a great relationship with them.

From visiting them on my own even without my husband, to taking out my younger SIL and saving her when she would get in trouble. To buying my MIL things and always being there, to trying really hard to be a part of the family.

Everything fell apart because they wanted us to live under their roof and for me to cook, clean, etc in their household. We didnt want that.. and things turned sour.

My MIL sent me very rude text messages and I got fed up and confronted her about it saying I didnt appreciate it at all and even cried. She told me she couldve gotten any woman for her son and “settled” for me. I was heartbroken.

We even did our wedding exactly how my MIL wanted it.

My husband himself chooses not to go see them often, and they think its me telling him not to even though he has voiced its not. No matter how they treated me, I kept trying to form a relationship.

I finally realized its just not worth it if the other party simply wants things their way and holds a grudge against you because they didnt get it.

Now we are moving away (husband got great opportunity) and they of course assume its me pulling him away. Sigh.

I havent seen them for 2 months and been stress free.

I just dont know if I should continue trying with them after all they have put us through. I hate having a bad relationship with them but I feel Ive done all I could