Spa day TTC

I’ve been TTC for 4 months now (on cycle 4). This is the first month I’ve used OPKs and had BD on High Fertility day (day before Peak) then on both Peak days. So we managed it on the three most important days this cycle.

My real question is: I’m taking my Mum for a spa day (for Mother’s Day, but we’re going on a weekday this week). I have had a bit of cramping but I sometimes get that anyway so wouldn’t see it as symptom. I am really worried about going to the spa and the effects it might have if I was a week or so pregnant. The day I’m going is the earliest I can take an FR test, and I’m worried it may show negative as too early. I don’t know whether I should cancel, or get over myself!!!

I really really don’t want anyone at all knowing that me and husband are even trying for a baby, and don’t want to let on to Mum, sister or sister in law that I’m going with.

This is my first ever question on here so please be kind if I’ve popped it in wrong group!!!