My heart is broken

I'm not with the father of my child. We dove in head first. I've only known him a couple of months and it was amazing. Now we're pregnant and I've got nothing but hell from him. He thinks the best thing is abortion because we barely know each other and aren't even official yet. But he's like I want to get to know you better without being forced into this because of a kid. in other words he'll be cool with me if I get rid of it. I don't believe in abortion. So we have been fighting just constantly. But he keeps saying whatever you choose I'll support you and we will coparent but never be able to be a couple. I'm like ok fine cool. But then he panics again and goes on about how this is a shitty situation to be in it'll mess up both of our lives and make it really hard on us and strain us. All of his friends and family and such think I'm insane for wanting to keep the baby especially since we again barely know each other. I have not told my family yet but my friends are supporting me and are like keep your baby. So it's already become a shit show. This side says no baby and this side says yes baby. By the way my parents are Bible thumping Baptists who will yes be disappointed but would rather have a grandbaby as oppose to a daughter who aborted. In other words initially they'll be freaking out but they will support me because I know my family. But the father almost convinced me. I was so low and so sad and he made me feel guilty I almost said fine let's do it your way. But I for some reason went on Pinterest and looked up coping with abortion. I read some things started crying and was like no way. I'd rather stay awake because of a crying baby as oppose to staying awake because I'm crying because I made a mistake. I'm just really stressed. I needed to get it out there. I want to keep my baby and said he doesn't have to stay. And he said I'm staying in my kids life no matter what but at the same time he doesn't want it And is trying to convince me to abort it. I just feel very alone and scared.