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I wrote this when I was 8 months pregnant and now my daughter is 4 months 😂 and I’m the happiest I could ever be..... going through pregnancy alone was horrible I don’t understand how a man well a boy can ever do that to a woman but it taught me a lot and taught me to love myself even more ♥️

Below is what I wrote when I was 8 months pregnant 🤰🏽♥️.....

“I remember I sat on that floor in the dark and I cried and cried and cried I didn't want to eat I didn't want to shower I didn't want to do anything but be by myself I was pregnant and wasn't taking care of myself or my baby because I felt depressed I've never in my life been so hurt and sick to my stomach before he abandoned me at the most vulnerable time in my life how can I let one person make me feel like that he abandoned me while I was pregnant with the child he begged for I begun to question myself I thought I wasn't good enough I thought I wasn't pretty I've never in my life felt so weak before that happened when I was 2/3 months pregnant..... here I am now 8 months pregnant and I'm starting to feel a ounce of happiness again I'm still hurting but I'm beginning to feel confident beautiful and strong I love myself and I love my daughter so much.... so many times I wish I can rewind and erase him but if that was the case I wouldn't be blessed with my daughter being pregnant has helped me sooooo much words can't describe”

We’re HAPPY & BLESSED 🙏🏾♥️