Little Girl trying to come early!

Meghan • #pukingchampion2018 #🌈to arrive in August!!

Ok to preface this story let me fill you in on my history. My son is my first born. I went into labor with him starting at 18 weeks. Lots of intervention but we got him to 35wks. My second born, my daughter, I started preterm at 10wks!! Lots and lots of intervention but we got her to 37 wks. I lost my 3rd baby at 9wks. Now this is # 4 and I am currently 17 wks. Needless to say I like to go into labor early so I really don’t panic because I have a wonderful team who knows exactly what to do to keep these beans in. Well Wednesday I started contracting no big deal. Did my normal push fluids lay on my left side destress etc. Contractions were about 10 min apart. They wernt painful just annoying. 2 hours later after 48 oz of water and a nap contractions were 5 min apart. Called Dr and she said ok it’s time to go in. Ugh fine I’ll go in. I get to L&D; like directed and they send me down to ER bc I’m not 18wks yet. Ok no biggie. ER staff is great and says will get you up to L&D; but just have to run the standard tests. Cool. Contractions are 3 min apart and getting a little painful. Not bad but not comfortable. Here is where it gets crazy! I go back to ultrasound and she measured my cervix. She said ok I’ll hurry up you are dialating.... I say excuse me??? (Usually I don’t dilate until 24 wks.) she said i need about 10 more min for measurements and we will get you back. Ok not worried yet. About 5 min later she abruptly stops and said ok I have to get you back now and cant finish you are really starting to open now. Now I get uneasy bc I have not experienced this before. Get back to my room in the ER and the attending comes in to check me. I butterfly my legs and she is putting her gloves on and gets this awful look and her face and says nope I’m not checking you you need to go up to L&D; now. I really panic at this point thinking BG is coming out like now! No one is answering my questions and I get rushed up to L&D; and there are about 5 nurses and 2 Drs waiting for me gowned and ready to go. I yelled over to my DH who had our 2 kids and said get them out of here my mom is on her way. I didn’t want them to see any of this because at this point I am positive I’m going to deliver and everyone knows 16wks is just too early. The ob on call checks me and out loud says WTF! I said what the hell is going on someone needs to talk to me! She said hunny you are completely closed and not dilating at all. WTF?? They bring in ultrasound and she checked my cervix length and she started laughing and said nope you are good girl your cervix is nice and long. I was PISSED that the ER scared me so terribly. They got my contractions under control with IV fluids and meds but holy crap was that an event!