secretive husband, getting accused of cheating?

its crazy how im a sahm w no car and 2 babies under 2 and i get accused of cheating and doing something i shouldnt be doing. plus, my phone always get snooped by him. but its ironic how hes the one whos so secretive w his phone, email, and bank when he wasnt before. hes the one who drives and goes out. i said hes probably the one cheating and doing something he shouldnt be doing cause hes so secretive w his things. and he only replied with, "pshhh." later telling me hes going to cheat on me. i said i know he wants to, and he didnt respond back. he says that if a man checks out other women and have pics of them w his wife knowing then he doesnt value her. so hes doing all this in secret to show that he values me. wtf, even if he isnt doing it in front of me, its the same shit.