too many people!!


Due to my GD I’m being admitted the evening of 3/14 to start cervidil and then the next morning we’ll start pitocin. Of course everyone is already saying they want to know when we want visitors. That is so stressful for me because I honestly don’t want visitors. I have no family in this state and my fiancé’s family is so over the top. His mother just can’t keep herself calm and is extremely overwhelming (this is their second grandchild). FTM with our rainbow and I’m so nervous to share him.

What I didn’t anticipate was that so many people would want to get together BEFORE the baby in just a few days. My fiancé’s birthday is 3/12 so friends want to celebrate that even though we told them we’re not doing anything; we just want the time to relax and take care of last minute preparations. My fiancé hates saying no to anyone. I’m crying because I’m too stressed to handle anyone.

A little background on me- I’ve been dealing with depression since I was 16 (33 next month) and I have only been able to take a fraction of my meds since being pregnant. I try to keep it together, but it’s getting increasingly difficult!